Animal Friends Baby Muslins Squares - Set of 4 Size 60cm x 60cm

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Size: 60x60cm

Cotton: 30% - Keeps fabric durable

Bamboo: 70% - Super Softness!


The Animal Friends Muslin Squares are a medium size, half the size our of blankets which make them perfect for feeding, cleaning and covering baby. Designed to but super soft using bamboo and hard-wearing with a cotton mix.

Our Muslins Squares include foxes, trees, rabbits, giraffes, elephants, deer and so many more features to entertain your little one. 

These Muslins Square with Animal Print are a must-have item for all parents. These muslin squares are multi-purpose and have so many uses from birth onwards. The fabric has a light, open weave making it breathable Leaving your baby Cool and comfortable. Ideal for mopping up spills, as a bib, a burping cloths or comfort blankets, as a sunshade when out and about and much more

  • Ideal for all ages from new-born to toddler.
  • 70% bamboo fibre improves the softness while 30% cotton keeps muslin blankets durable. Breathable muslin cloths is perfect for baby's sensitive skin.
  • Premium 40s thread to give maximum softness
  • 4 unique animal designs in size 60cm x 60cm
  • Warranty: We are dedicate to providing best service and highest quality baby products for you. You can always return our muslin squares if you are not completely and utterly satisfied

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